class qf_lib.plotting.decorators.axis_tick_labels_decorator.AxisTickLabelsDecorator(axis: qf_lib.common.enums.axis.Axis, labels: Sequence[str] = None, tick_values: Sequence[float] = None, rotation: Union[int, str] = None, key: str = None)[source]

Bases: qf_lib.plotting.decorators.chart_decorator.ChartDecorator

Customizes tick labels for a given axis.

  • axis (Axis) – X or Y Axis object

  • labels (Sequence[str]) – a list of labels for ticks present in the Chart

  • tick_values (Sequence[float]) – sequence of floats that will be used as ticks

  • rotation (int, str) – rotation of selected axis labels. For example 20 = 20 degrees rotation

  • key (str) – see: ChartDecorator.__init__#key



Modifies the axes object taken from the chart (e.g.

decorate(chart: Chart)[source]

Modifies the axes object taken from the chart (e.g. adds legend, draws cone, etc.).