This document will guide you through the installation process and will help you configure the library for the newest release.

You can install the library using the pip command:

$ pip install qf-lib

Alternatively, to install the library from sources, you can download the project and in the qf_lib directory (same one where you found this file after cloning the repository) execute the following command:

$ python install


The library uses WeasyPrint to export documents to PDF. WeasyPrint requires additional dependencies, check the platform-specific instructions for Linux, macOS and Windows installation.

In order to facilitate the GTK3+ installation process for Windows you can use following installers. Download and run the latest gtk3-runtime-x.x.x-x-x-x-ts-win64.exe file to install the GTK3+.

Installing optional data providers

Bloomberg Data Provider

For Bloomberg API (version: 3.16.2) there are prebuilt binaries in both 32 and 64 bits, for Windows, macOS, and most versions of Linux. On Linux, ‘pip’ >= 19.0 is required to install these binaries. You can install Bloomberg using the pip command:

$ pip install --index-url= blpapi==3.16.2

Quandl Data Provider

You can install Quandl using the pip command:

$  pip install quandl==3.6.1

Interactive Brokers

In order to install all dependencies necessary to use the Interactive Brokers platform:

  • Download the TWS API Stable for your operating system (Version: API 9.76).

  • Link for windows msi file:

  • Install TWS API by running the downloaded file.

  • Go to TWS API\source\pythonclient and run python install.